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Holy One of Blessing, Great One of the Universe. When I look at my country and see the violence, the hate, the confusion, the thousand factions, each offering an explanation blaming the others, I d…

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Baruch Habah B’Shem Adonai!

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getting closer and closer

Ready or Not - He is Coming!

It has struck me recently, some of the similarities between the time when Jesus walked among us in His human form, and the times we are living in. As the Bride of Yeshua awaits for His return, we cannot allow ourselves to be held back from the promise of Eternal Life with Him, through the attitudes, commands and responses of those around us. As the cry for “political correctness” and “my rights”  gains volume and strength, I believe the Bride of Yeshua will never be silenced, the closer we get to His return… no matter how much the world around her tries.

waving palmsThis came from the reminder of when Jesus entered into Jerusalem on the donkey, the Sunday before He was crucified. As the shouts of praise, rejoicing and adulation were being proclaimed by the multitudes who were following Jesus, or going ahead of Him, laying down palm branches  and…

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Parasha Vayelech-A Beginning at the End

Safeguarding The Eternal

teaching the people

Parasha Vayelech – וַיֵּלֶךְHebrew for “then he went out”. This is the shortest of the Torah portions, consisting of only 30 verses, from Devarim (Deuteronomy 31;1- 30). This along with next week, which continues with the Song of Moses, are two of the most packed portions of all of Deuteronomy, perhaps of the whole Torah. Here we witness the parting words of God to Moses, of Moses to the people, of God to the people, a transfer of leadership to Yehoshua (Joshua) and the commandment that all the people of God be read and taught from these words for all time. God leaves Moses with the prophecy of what will happen to his people when he is gone, what will happen in the future and how forever… these words will bear the testimony of the Children of Israel and their relationship with HaShem for all time. Moses spends…

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